We use only the freshest and highest quality ingredients to ensure your cake tastes delicious.

Choose from one of our mouth-watering flavours, or if you want a flavour you don’t see, contact us for any special requests as we will always do our best to accommodate.


RICH CHOCOLATE An intensely flavourful and moist chocolate cake made the the finest quality cocoa that can be found and perfect for any chocoholic.

VANILLA A moist and flavourful vanilla cake made with Pure Mexican Vanilla.

CARROT Without a doubt the best carrot cake you have ever had! It is a little lighter than our other cakes and sure to be loved by all. And…no raisins!

RED VELVET A southern tradition, this cocoa and buttermilk based cake is delicious, extra moist and of course has the signature red colour.

COCONUT CLOUD This moist coconut cake derives its rich flavour from coconut milk.

Gingerbread Ginger, cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg meet in a moist and mouth-watering cake that is especially loved through the winter months.

BANANA Extra moist and so flavorful. It is the best banana cake recipe we have ever tried.

APPLE Cinnamon An unexpectedly decadent cake that is the perfect for any fall occasion.

Lucious LEMON A light and fluffy cake with the additions of freshly squeezed lemon juice and zest. Perfect for any springtime event.

GLUTEN FREE ALMOND & SPICE Wonderfully spiced and made from ground almonds in place of flour.

GLUTEN FREE CHOCOLATE Our rich chocolate cake made gluten free.

GLUTEN FREE VANILLA Our classic vanilla cake made gluten free.

RED VELVET Ousr classic red velvet cake made gluten free.


A Traditional Swiss Meringue Buttercream recipe made from simple and fresh ingredients.

VANILLA Flavoured with pure Mexican vanilla.

CHOCOLATE Made with rich dark Swiss chocolate.

GIANDUJA Milk chocolate and smooth hazelnut paste.

RASPBERRY Made with freshhousmade raspberry preserve.

PEANUT BUTTER Flavoured with smooth, creamy peanut butter.

STRAWBERRY Made with fresh strawberry puree.

CREAM CHEESE Classic vanilla buttercream with the addition of cream cheese.

SALTED CARAMEL Flavoured with fleur de sel and our in house made caramel.

LEMON Flavoured with the addition of fresh made tart lemon curd.

FUDGE FROSTING Sweet and rich with the addition of dark cocoa.

ESPRESSO Vanilla buttercream enhanced with the addition of freshly pressed espresso.

MOCHA  Made with the addition of fresh brewed coffee and semi-sweet chocolate

COOKIES & CREAM The classic cookie crushed and added to our vanilla buttercream.



Each cake is individually priced based on size and design.
The cost per serving starts at $5 and ranges up to $15.

Below are a few guidelines:

1 tier cake starts at $150

2 tier cake starts at $250

3 tier cake serving 80 starts at $400

4 tier cake serving 150 starts at $750